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26 Auto Body makes the auto body repair experience easy on you. Personalized service provided by your auto body and collision experts. Precisely computerized auto body repair estimates. Claim assistance for your auto body repair from the very beginning to the very end. Your satisfaction for your auto body repair is our top priority.

Paint Auto Paint Services

After mechanical and structural body repairs are made, we begin to prep for auto body painting. Whether your vehicle needs a complete paint job or just some spot paint work, we will make sure the paint  looks PERFECT after your auto body repair. 26 Auto Body uses computerized paint mixing technology to insure perfect color matches are created. Our paint technicians do their work in a pristine paint booth.

dent Dent Repair & Frame Work

Whether it is a simple dent repair or more complex car frame repair, 26 Auto Body has the experience, tools, equipment and technicians to give you the results you expect for your auto body repair. We repair all dents and scratches. Small dings, scratches, bumper dents and scratches, door dents and scratches. Roof dents and scratches, Fender dents and scratches, Quarter panel dents and scratches, hood dents and scratches.

Tow Need a tow? No Problem!

Give us a call, 818 -997-2626. 26 Auto Body is conveniently located for auto body repair services. We offer free towing to our facility immediately following an accident. After the tow, you will be treated to a courtesy ride back to your local area home or office. Just give us a call and we’ll coordinate this service for you. We strive to provide our community and visiting motorists the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

quote Claim Assistance

26 Auto Body offers claim assistance after your accident. The staff at 26 Auto body knows that an unexpected accident can be very stressful, that’s why we are here to help you through that stressful process – you can count on us!

Car Rental Assistance

26 Auto Body will help you with a car rental, in case you you have no other means of transportation after the accident. We guarantee the best service and best possible prices on car rentals for you. Pickup from our shop is available as well.

Custom Matte Paint

Do you want your car to turn heads when you drive around town? Matte Paint is your answer. 26 Auto body specializes in Matte Custom Paint. We have many colors available for your car and we will also work on designing the perfect custom color for you

Car Restoration

Do you have a gorgeous beauty sitting and waiting for a second chance in life? 26 Auto Body will help you restore it to it’s original condition. We helped many owners of classic cars put their beauty back on the road.

Windshield Repair

Cracked windshield? No Problem! Our technicians will help you fix, repair or replace your broken windshield in no time. Same day service available on most of the cars.

Wheel and Rim Repair

Ever feel like La streets have more bumps than ever? Maybe it’s your bent wheels that trick you into thinking that. Stop by and let our technician take a look at your bent wheels.

We Work On All Makes And Models

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